- Administration

- Leadership Development

- Management Development

- Retail Store Operations

- Financial Management

- Career Skills Evaluation

- Service/Product Marketing

- Train-the-Trainer

- Customer Service

- Sexual Assault Advocacy & Awareness Training

- Human Resources (HR)

- Interviewing

- Notary Public

- Business/Entrepreneur Training

- Marketing

- Sales Training


On September 11, 2003, Marc and Donna Williams launched into entrepreneurship as T-M-T Services in Houston, TX with a vision to help people achieve happiness and satisfaction with products and services designed to improve their quality of life. T-M-T Services developed a marketing/distribution organization, League of Extraordinary People (LoEP), in the legal service and identity theft protection industries. TMTSI & LoEP operated within a multi-million-dollar business sales management system to become a formidable organization earning multiple business awards and recognition.

In October 5, 2010, T-M-T Services formed as a limited liability company in Virginia as T-M-T Services International, LLC (TMTSI) with DBA certificates as Visions Unfolding (VU) and League of Extraordinary People (LoEP). Continuing with the successful multi-million business sales management system, TMTSI helps clients develop successful strategies with training, workshops, seminars, and consulting in:

  • Business Development

  • Human Resources (HR) / Administration

  • Specialized Training

  • Marketing

  • Leadership and Management (including Executive Coaching)

  • Sales

  • Personal Power Development (Sexual Assault Advocacy & Awareness, Life Skills Coaching, etc.)

TMTSI consults and educates clients on key strategic issues by using industry expertise with an analytical knowledge database to handle the toughest and critical business challenges.  The company positively streamline firms with strategic risk management, business intelligence, leadership strategies, and success principles for the benefit of helping them gain market share, add value, and improve bottom-line profits. TMTSI's commitment provides clients with the highest standards and greatest quality.