Business Principles To Live By!

  1. Develop a great work ethic

  2. Build relationships for a lifetime

  3. Take, and manage, risks to succeed

  4. Use boldness, audacity, and guts!

  5. “Take what I get” can get my foot in the door and show them what I can do!

  6. Never give up!

  7. Learn how to handle rejection

  8. Do not let rejection affect who I am in my self-image!

  9. Throw tradition out the window!  Never be limited by what people say, think or do

  10. Listen to the wisdom of older and more experienced people

  11. Relate the normally unrelated and see potentials and possibilities other people never see

  12. Develop an “I will not be denied attitude”…a “Never give up attitude”

  13. Never be limited by other people’s judgments, opinions, prejudices, or tunnel vision

  14. Attitude is everything!

  15. Learn the importance of setting goals

  16. Never stop learning!