Becoming An Overcomer

Overcomer or Undertaker.  Who Are You?

Being an Overcomer is a combination of change and growth to your goals and dreams. The question most people have right now is: What is an Overcomer? Who is an Overcomer? Why do I want to be an Overcomer? An Overcomer is an individual who forms a habit of winning at their goals while conquering the strongholds and obstacles that comes along with accomplishing goals. With an Overcomer, winning becomes habit-forming, and strongholds and barriers fall away from them as they move through their process of performing. Strongholds and obstacles do not know what to do with an Overcomer because of one word: FAITH. Overcomers is a master of using faith. Overcomers stare problems and issues in the eye and dare them to challenge them because they have no fear. Overcomers understand that faith is the opposite of FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Faith is synonymous with strength and is a known substance that does not do anything about being scared of problems and issues. Overcomers embrace faith because we could not have changed our lives without it. 

The opposite of an Overcomer is an “Undertaker.” No, not the iconic and future Hall of Famer of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE); who is one of my top 10 all-time favorite wrestlers. An Undertaker is a person who allows doubt and fear to creep into their lives.  Undertakers give into doubt and fear, so it overcomes them. When doubt and fear consume a person another Undertaker is born into the world. Undertakers then start to undertake everything that is due to them. They start under-achieving everything they are supposed to achieve.  Undertaker starts worrying about what people might think about them.  Undertakers start asking, "Why me?", instead of "Why not me?"; like the Overcomer.  A mental breakdown, ill health, excuses, and acceptability of their current not-so-good situations becomes the norm of Undertakers.

The secret key to accomplishing any goal is nothing but having faith. Getting your high school diploma, completing your college degree, or achieving financial independence is nothing but having confidence in completing your goals and dreams.  Become an Overcomer and overlook things that do not make a positive difference in your life.  You achieve according to your faith. Your life is as a result of the amount of confidence you have in you overcoming and not undertaking.  Your faith measures you.  You get in return the amount of faith you put into your dreams and goals.  Get yourself in complete control and learn to manage yourself with just decisions.  Once you accomplish that, you become an Overcomer, and your destiny is a leader of many.  I AM AN OVERCOMER!