TMTSI approaches to project management with great planning to save clients time, money, and reduce issues as a project progress.  We initiate business cases and project plans to analyze the costs and benefits of a proposed changed process and address options for achieving project goals and reducing recurrent costs.  Our business cases and project plans present an environment of allowing informed decisions and providing resources for any project.

TMTSI’s communication management plan is the right approach to satisfy the needs, and requirements, of all the stakeholders.  We maintain a stakeholder register to communicate the project’s progress or issues and maintain assessment information.

TMTSI’s DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) strategy works within our quality management plan of a project to define the problems, customer concerns, and project goals.  We use our DMAIC strategy to improve and optimize existing processes with data analysis and determine cause-and-effect relationships.  Our DMAIC strategy optimizes all processes to minimize, and possibly avoid, any variations, or deviations, in the project.  Combined with our DMAIC strategy, TMTSI IT consultants employ a Total Quality Management (TQM) system that assesses your current culture and customer satisfaction while identifying core values and principles to utilize throughout the project.

Our overall project management plans detail all the processes for how TMTSI executes, monitors, and controls a project.  Our project managers maintain high-visibility on the scope while implementing the human resources processes to organize and manage a project.  We establish and execute the schedule, budget (cost), risk, communication, and stakeholder processes with high execution; minimizing overrun to 20% or less. 


TMTSI assists clients with ideas, initiatives, and strategies that aim towards improving the value of their organization. We strategize with our clients in increasing revenues, business expansion and growth, building strategic partnerships, and strategizing management decisions. Using our client's mission and vision statements, TMTSI assesses different departments with due diligence and research to present goals.

TMTSI Business Development Team helps our clients with developing their strategic decisions to improve their bottom-line profits with creative, value assessments and cost-saving initiatives and measures working within the client’s organizational strategy. The TMTSI Business Development Team also helps clients accommodate innovative change with “best practices” for industry improvement.

One of the keys to success in business is the organization having the right business model. The business development practices presented by TMTSI continues to help clients identify and maintain firms in building prosperous relationships with vendors, suppliers, and customers.

TMTSI maintains well-versed Business Development Consultants that have excellent verbal and written communication skills. They are educated with different levels of undergraduate and graduate degrees and maintains detail-oriented and accurate work ethic; prioritizing workloads on multiple projects simultaneously.


  • Project Management

  • Sales

  • Business Planning

  • Marketing

  • Vendor/Supplier Management

  • Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis

  • Negotiations

  • Networking

  • Cost-Saving Methods

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  • Marketing materials

  • Creating and selecting company content

  • Helping clients with submitting necessary market information to meet their client’s requirements

  • Producing and coordinating proposals and presentations

  • Assisting leadership and management in business development initiatives

  • Supporting maintenance of business system for growth and sustainment

  • Providing communication tools for crisis management

  • Building strategic business and sales plans