The key to providing excellence leadership is empowering an organization’s human capital in each department with a unique, intensive, and highly interactive experience. Leaders empower their team members to take ownership in the development process. TMTSI understand leaders have a duty or obligation to complete an organization's mission through effective communication satisfactorily. TMTSI leadership workshops teach organizational leaders effective leadership by having true commitment and inspiration towards the organization. Leadership accountability is the glue that ties commitment to organizational results. Our workshops and seminars give organizational leaders the tools to dedication to the organization’s mission and principles; plus remain stronger and stretch past their comfort zones to help their organizations move forward.

Leaders seek knowledge and wisdom by cultivating their organization’s collective knowledge database. Leaders accept responsibility, stay accountable, and take ownership.

TMTSI leadership training provides all participants with a detailed understanding of leadership and how it differs from management. Participants also develop the ability to articulate values that inspire employees to improve their organizational engagement to share the vision. TMTSI ensures participants walk away with a system-thinking mentality and leading an effective change in organizations.


  • Responsibility of leadership: COMMITMENT, CLARITY OF VISION

  • Core of leadership: CHARACTER

  • Critical of leadership: COMMUNICATION


  • Leadership focus = CONSISTENT EXCELLENCE



Our workshops give leaders the ability to win respect, influence human capital, and cultivate cooperation for career success. We offer training in:

  • Use proper personal power to build credibility and influence people

  • Master the key components of negotiation and persuasion

  • Understand reciprocity and exchange

  • Build a communication style to achieve trust

  • Build credibility to create a collaborative work environment

  • Managing stakeholders through leadership viewpoints




Management is very important to all organizations because it is the administration body. Management reinforces an organization’s strategy and coordinates the engagement and efforts of the human capital asset. Management is a critical, plus strategic, component of an organization to manage all available resources to produce bottom-line profits and add value to an organization. TMTSI’s management training helps improve a manager’s ability to directly supervise traditional and blended teams and produce viable results for organizations. Our workshops, seminars, or training helps managers get to focus on the fundamental concepts of providing growth opportunities, setting goals, effectively delegating, and giving positive, constructive performance feedback to their employees.

TMTSI does not limit our management training to accomplishing just those tasks because strategic and successful management encompasses many more important task; such as change management. We completely customize our training to remove cookie-cutter thinking. We look for your management to increase confidence and motivation in human capital to get more creative change solutions.


Attending a TMTSI management training also improves a manager’s ability to:

  • Laser focus on their strengths and development opportunities

  • Develop strategies for properly handling challenging situations, employees, and teams

  • Develop effective coaching, delegating, and positive feedback skills

  • Prepare to manage different behavioral styles



After attending a TMTSI management training, your management team will effectively improve on:

  • Running business and management meetings

  • Impacting employee engagement through verbal communication and body language

  • Providing constructive, positive performance feedback

  • Developing SMART personal and team goals

  • Recognizing and coaching behavioral and difficult styles

  • Delegation

  • Communication

  • Creating supervisory action plans