League of Extraordinary People (LoEP)

We are a league of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary goals through above industry standards, great quality, and massive success. LoEP operates as the premier marketing arm of TMTSI and is the #1 distribution network in the country. We are entrepreneurs that operates together as a team to win in business within a sound, proven business development system, the Leadership Training System (LTS). Every LoEP member builds within their strengths with an understanding that success is through the conviction that no one is an island in business. They will accomplish their goals and dreams with the cooperation of a team willing to help them in reaching the pinnacle of their success.

We do not promise you the world or hand-deliver the success you have been hoping for; but our mission is to lead individuals, and families, into a realm of residual income that creates financial independence. To accomplish this, LoEP’s daily requirement is 100% self-belief, plus consistent positive actions to equal the results of your goals and dreams of financial independence, better lifestyle, happier life, etc.

You can add more value to this championship team of entrepreneurs! Look within yourself, believe you will win, and take the first step of faith with the CHAMPS! Whatever your mind can CONCEIVE and BELIEVE, join LoEP to ACHIEVE!


shark! shark!!

shark! shark!!

LoEP Sharks

The icon of LoEP is the shark! Sharks are amongst the most adaptable creatures on the planet. Sharks do not have any known predators. Sharks are fearless!! They are always in constant motion and grow to the size of their environment. Sharks also have regenerative teeth and have a keen sense of smell. Most of all, SHARKS control their environment!! Being an LoEP shark means you have these qualities and are using them to build a successful distribution network within the LTS.

LoEP team members greet each other with a loud “SHARK! SHARK!!” Shark! Shark!! represents several positive and meaningful expressions. Much like “Aloha,” Shark Shark can mean either “hello” or “goodbye” when passing or greeting a fellow teammate. Shark! Shark!! can also mean any other positive action by saluting each other with the phrase.



LoEP Sharks markets a unique, powerful financial services and credit improvement program designed to improve your financial health. Your financial health and credit deserves proper planning for typical and non-typical expenses (budgeting). Keeping accurate financial records and balancing the checking account is not the only aspects of financial health. There must be a sense of managing finances to eliminate overspending and establishing profit distributions; professionally and personally. Financial management is important to maximize your value!

This powerful credit literacy and restoration services encompass credit education, a credit builder plan, credit restoration, consumer attorneys, personal credit monitoring, a debt financial plan, a financial lockbox, identity theft protection, and much more.

Financial and credit improvement also involves EDUCATION! Credit literacy and restoration services provide the highest quality!  The financial management education and credit restoration services marketed by LoEP have the wide-spread support of many businesses and community leaders at every political/economic level throughout communities around the country.  Proper financial management reduces stress and prevents anxiety in the workplace allowing for individuals to focus more on professional responsibilities. LoEP educate clients and provides the tools necessary to avoid the financial challenges associated with bad credit and mismanaged finances.  The credit literacy and restoration services offer solutions for families to establish themselves and take control of their financial management.  The credit literacy and restoration services educate about the pitfalls of financial and credit mismanagement, establishes empowerment to handle finances confidently, and help leverage healthy financial management to build assets not liabilities.

The LoEP distribution network offers financial and credit improvement workshops with passionate and experienced consultants to cover budgeting, home ownership, Identity theft protection, credit usage, finances, youth education, and much more! We customize our workshops to exceed the needs of any audience, including employers, non-profit organizations, social service providers, groups, and schools.

financial & credit improvement solutions

financial & credit improvement solutions



Did you know that 18 to 24 year olds are the fastest growing age group filing for bankruptcy?

YFL is helping the youth of today prepare financially to create opportunities for, and build a stronger tomorrow through their unique youth financial literacy program. The YFL Foundation provides opportunity and knowledge on personal finances, credit, and budgeting to students across the United States. The YFL’s mission is to educate and prepare children and teens with interactive activities, events, and scholarship opportunities. With every individual entry into the financial and credit improvement program, $2.00 is donated to the YFL foundation to educate the youth.