Personal power (self) development is critical to all personal, and professional, improvement through life.  Our workshops help participants exercise personal power in changing negative habits and controlling emotional reactions in the workplace. Our SMGs also help remove competing desires to improve self-discipline to improve on a pattern of success. Our workshops increase participants ability to focus their attention to navigate through conflict and develop strong discipline in mastering challenges. Helping workshop participants engage in complex problem-solving, improves employee engagement within organizations to increase employee’s knowledge database and value.

Having just tactics is not enough! Individuals and employees must have a transformation to experience dramatic growth. TMTSI SMGs are here to introduce comprehensive methodologies and strategies to help employees, and individuals align and grow. Our SMGs will help people develop constructive, positive passion and turn it into personal, and professional, profitability.

TMTSI operate with Subject Matter Guides (SMG) in providing intensive and high practical training in:

  • What drives behavior and how it impacts your COMMUNITY!

  • Increasing personal effectiveness

  • Achieving successful positive interactions at all organization and community levels

  • Understanding personality profiles

  • Strategic communication

  • Effectively managing organizational structure and politics with strategic communication and techniques

Personal Power Development workshops cover the subject areas of, but not limited to:

  • Self-Development

  • Establishing Core Beliefs

  • Goal Setting

  • Life Skills Coaching

  • Sexual Assault Advocacy and Awareness

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Mastery Thinking

  • And much more!

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